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Two manifestos of outsider art and its significance for the arts and economics of future:
Outsider-art as the art of the Future | Future Belongs to Outsiders.
Outsiderville is a multidisciplinary project. Outsider art, the art of self-taught artist and people with mental disabilities, is hardly squeezed into genres and certain disciplines. Therefore, Outsiderville supports not only independent artists and painters, but also musicians. For this we created our own music label. We believe that it is the music of such enthusiasts capable of reflecting elusive beauty.

The music of outsiders does not necessarily have to be disharmonious and sloppy, raw, restless - it is different, since the experience and musical thoughts embedded in it varies from author to author. Our label doesn't bound its releases to a specific genre or sound type - Outsiderville publishes music from Kraut and experimental electronics to instrumental modern classical music.

Music for us is an expression of a deep sense of life, an experience of subjectivity, a history of personal meanings expressed in sound. Therefore, we do not pursue abstract quality or originality, believing that the banal, boring or sloppy can be an important part of life; it is through boredom or banality we achieve the Beauty. From the kaleidoscopic layering of the stereotyped ideas the unique arises. Our task is not to dominate the creativity or to deliver the art to the market, but to amplify the quietest voices, the very ones that are not yet subordinated to the logic of the movement of symbolic capitals.

We do not pursue authenticity because we do not know the authentic definition of authenticity itself; for us, music is a multitude of processes, a multitude of centers. Our label sheds light on those that usually elude the public eye.

All music released by Outsiderville is available at our Bandcamp:

You can read about our views and philosophy in our manifestos:
Outsider-art as the art of the Future | Future Belongs to Outsiders.

Our releases:
If you are an outsider in any sense we are looking forward to listen to your demos.