Ivan happy
Вечный поиск непонятно чего

Ten electronic miniaturesfrom the Tobolsk project Ivan Happy. These are rather unfinished sketches, work-in-progress, than finished expanded works, but their conciseness, raggedness, and lack of formalization have their own strange, awkward, naive beauty.

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Ivan Happy is a project of Ivan Kuznetsov from Tobolsk, Russia. Ivan tells about himself:

"My name is Ivan Kuznetsov, I am 20 years old, I am from the city of Tobolsk, I have been making music for about three years. Self-taugh. I did not go to music school, however, I entered a college of music to become a sound engineer, but due to health problems I was forced to quit my studies. From that moment a not very pleasant chapter in my life began. Constant apathy became common for me. A terrible depression, quarrels with relatives, misunderstanding of others, and the eternal reflection. This drove myself into dead end, from which I still do not see a way out. But I try to find it".

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