Marsell Satt
Hauntologic ambient with cold trip-hop intonations by our new artist Marsell Satt. Although the music is saturated and ghostly at the same time it's very melodic and hypnotizing in its own unique way. Marsell Satt has original approach to phonetics and vocal content of his composition — he mixes different languages and phonetics in one dense texture supported by heavy distorted sounds and chords.

Marsell Satt painstakingly approaches the writing of music — a lot of work and time has been invested in each of his compositions.Each composion has different versions — so final tracklist is a result of long creative work. Album was recorded for a few years, from 2017 to 2019 and then mixed, remixed, remastered. Author was inspired by Sigur Ros. Music was recorded on old hardware — Marsell Satt used old laptop, karaoke microphone, guitar, his own samples of voice. Marsell Satt never learned music and its theory so Óveður is a pure and radical improvisation outside the borders and conventions.

Marsell Satt was born in Izhevsk in 2000. Not only the musician he is also a talented and original artist. He is studying journalistic in the university along with his artistic activities.

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