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"As birds sing and fly in the sky, outsider artists paint, create music, write poetry, and turn their own lives into art statement. The boundaries between creativity and labor are blurred, and in it I see not a desire for self-deception and self-complacency in the face of the cruel and unjust world, but courage and an example for others. The art of outsiders, self-taught ones, amateurs is valuable because it liberates human activity for freedom and for the joy of labor. With the help of the poetry of sounds, colors, words, outsider artists realize human nature itself, which consists in transforming material nature".

This album is a collection of plays from the AutoAesthetics section, that Yuri leads on the social networks of the Outsiderville project, and some other pieces that incorporate autoaesthetical philosophy of art (like the piece Antennas dedicated to a truly talented instagram artist and poet Space Cadet). Such philosophy states that art is self-sufficient being and the deepest form of human nature manifestation. Сreativity in art is a way to remember that life itself, and human everyday language is the highest and omnipresent form of creativity.

Autoaesthetics is the art crtitcal project of Yuri Vinogradov and Outsiderville. With the help of text, history of philosophy and his own music, Yuri interprets the art of the residents of the project and tries to find a place for them in the history of painting and culture.

Yuri is an artist, musician-improviser, composer, multi-instrumentalist, historian of philosophy and music journalist from Reutov, Russia, a resident of Outsiderville project and a leader of Outsiderville music label.

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Yuri Vinogradov is a classically trained historian of philosophy and self-taught musician/composer/ improviser from Reutov, Russia. Yuri thinks that music isn't the object of sense only, but requires intellectual approach in both listening and composing. He is deeply interested in contemporary and classical music and composing techniques.

Yuri lives with serious chronical depressive disorder that deeply affects his life in many ways. For him music is the way to overcome depression, it's a space of joy and freedom.

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