Build your House Underground
По каким причина сгорает микросхемы который не выдерживать большие нагрузки

Very important release for our label.

The musical and noise project Build Your House Underground appeared inside the walls of the Psychoneurological Internat No. 3 (PNI No.3, Peterhof), in a computer class where curator and manager of the project Roman Mozharov teaches the organization's residents to interact with technology. Residents of project are the people with various mental and physical issues. Music gives them the opportunity to express themselves in absolutely free and unlimited sound creativity outside of genres. This music is made for the pleasure of its creators in the first place.

This release is a solo work by Andrey Ryabov, who lives in PNI No.3. Andrey is known as the "Master", he is incredibly brilliant in matters of low-voltage electronics and technology. From about 6 years old he's studied various devices and how they are arranged and what makes them work. In the musical project Build Your House Underground Andrey's sound is unique. His exclusivity can be traced literally in every track.

Using the limitless software capabilities of virtual synthesizers and effect processors Andrey plays very harsh and highly distorted soundscapes.

More music by Build Your House Underground:

Andrey Ryabov about his album:

"In NanoStudio, I created new tracks. I also used Reaper. It is difficult, of course, to work in them, but you have to master the programs. Without this, no one can live. To make something interesting. They also help me with sound processing, and then I I listen carefully, edit what I need. Listen and find out if I like the sound. The main thing is that the drums must sound good. There should be other sounds for them. I carefully check all the rhythms. I listen to them carefully and process them. Process them as I like."

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