Леба вафельникова, ксаверъ
Кто я?
The single "Who am I?" ("Кто я?") by Леба Вафельникова and Ксаверъ (Leba Vafelnikova and Xavier), in fact, can be called a maxi-single. In the track the sound changes several times within 7 minutes as opposed to the unchanged, cyclical text.
The track features a psychedelic trance style combined with the voice in electro style. Compositional layering, meditativeness and external rigidity help to express the most important thing: life can be full of pain and loneliness, but otherwise there would be no happiness and joy of finding oneself.

The ideas contained in the single "Кто я?" are "based on real events", since many creative people with mental disabilities manage to understand themselves only with the help of art.

Leba Vafelnikova is an avant-garde artist who writes and performs music in the original arrodance genre (arrogance + dance, "prouddance") invented by her. These are dance tracks for those who are caught up in the intellectual clamps so tight that they cannot loosen up or say what they feel.

Xavier is an electronic musician and sound engineer, author of space-sounding music in the tradition of mid-20th century electronics, currently performing with Valentin "Jack" Sokhorev in the Ксаверъ/Шатунъ noise project.

Leba and Xavier's duo have released several remastered albums in collaboration and also explore the combination of abstract electronics and Leba's poems that originally was not intended to be performed with music.

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