илья апокалипсис
Шаг за шагом
Илья апокалипсис (ilya apocalypse), who was previously released on our label with his previous project One hour of full life, recorded a lot of interesting songs in 2023, which formed the compilation album Шаг за шагом (Step by Step). Unlike One hour of full life this is not just melodic rock music, but rock music flavored with chiptune or 8bit, a style that uses the sound aesthetics and timbres of old gaming consoles and computers like Commodore 64, ZX-Spectrum, Nintendo, etc.

The result is melodic and nostalgic music, moderately sentimental, moderately optimistic and full of hopes. The result is melodic and nostalgic music, moderately sentimental, moderately optimistic and full of hope. In this emotional music there is humor (for example, the first song Автобус 666), there is melancholy, there are doubts, but there is also joy, energy and anticipation of the future. The music is well, neatly done in terms of melody and harmony, in terms of song form, in terms of sound. You can feel the true inspiration and talent in it.

This music is modest, there is no useless brilliance and pathos, but it has charm and authenticity. It is capable of bringing joy and pleasure to the listener due to truly beatiful melodies and colourful harmonies. And perhaps this is one of the most important qualities of any music.

The author talks about his project this way:

"The project "Ilya Apocalypse" is a project of an one man band musician recording at home and at rehearsal bases in the most budget-friendly way possible. To save money, he has to learn sound engineering, arrangement, promotion so everything, probably, turns out only on an amateur level. The project is experimental, at the crossroads of different genres, because it's boring to play the same thing all the time, copying yourself, although because of this, consistency are out of the question. In the age of digital abundance "Ilya Apocalypse" may never break out of the mass of bedroom musicians flooding the Internet, but you will be guaranteed unpredictability, so look everywhere you can for music from this project and don't judge it by one track".

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