Schuschpanzer V8

Krasnyj Bolgarskij Perez

The first release of our music label is a peppy and ironic dance electronics from the Schuschpanzer V8 project, inspired by Kraftwerk and exploitative cinematography.

Schuschpanzer V8 is a musicsploitation (analogue to exploitations movies) project of Kirill M from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. It doesn't follow only one style or aesthetic of electronic music and finds inspiration in different genres from synthwave to industrial.

Kirill writes: "First project's single "Krasnyj bolgarskij perez" has two tracks. The first track was made just for funny music contest, the second one is a cover of the song by Jenya Klekotneva. Original song isn't electronic and has a different chorus. It's an ironic song about two girls who are waiting fot the guy named Borya on their concert. When I heard it I wanted to make it into a song where these girls look like robots. And yes, I adore Kraftwerk".

More music by Kirill M:

Kirill M is an independent musician-enthusiast from St. Petersburg, in love with Kraftwerk, synthesizers and experimental electronic music, sometimes not devoid of self-irony

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