Universalis & Mechanical Rain
Requiem for Thomas
The album Requiem for Thomas is dedicated to the writer Thomas Mann. On the basis of his life and work, the album constructs a narrative in which a requiem, a cry, is dedicated not only to Mann himself, but also to old Europe, which in the middle of the 20th century and earlier was drawn into a series of catastrophes that shattered the backbone of classical modern European culture and heralded the emergence of a new , post-war world. With field recordings, synthesized strings and other virtual orchestra instruments, Universalis and Mechanical Rain create a minimalist, almost soundtrack musical narrative full of sentimental and melancholic magic. The magic of lost time.

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Universalis & Mechanical Rain is a duo of two sound producers and musicians who are interested in contemporary culture and history, creating music through the prism of contemporary poetry, philosophy and culturology. Mechanical Rain also publishes music under the project Journey of Dreamer.

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