January Whims
Viktharien is a self-taught musician, composer, improviser and piano player. Music always was an important part of life for him. In difficult life circumstances, music was his salvation and sanctuary. Due to the health issues his childhood and youth was traumatic and he couldn't pursue musical education in traditional ways so he taught music himself. He also has an experience of recurrent depression.

His music is a perfect blend of emotinality and harmony/proportionality of classical music.
This album of an outsider musician from Texas, USA combines modernity with Mozartian grace and elegance. Five classical piano improvisations that were recorded blindfolded. Musical journey into far away worlds, both familiar and unfamiliar. January Whims are improvisational pieces with complex soundscape images and narrative with the touch of early romanticism — from musical spontaneity and simplicity to a free-jazz whirlwind of notes and harmonies. Furious meditaions rather than playful dance, continuity rather than discreteness. Fluidity and movement in every single piece pursue the joy of pure music.

Cover art "Whose house?" by Linda Iblieva.

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