Animals in Human Costumes
Fourth release of our label.

"Animals in Human Costumes" is an experimental/electroacoustic album with dark vibes by Saint-Petersburg artist and musician Ilya Tsarev aka Acidether who mentions dadaismus, kraut rock and psychedelic music as his sources of inspiration. Scattered bizarre sound collages with cinematic narrative invite listener to the weird and unusual outer worlds.

Author writes:"I dedicate this album to artists who anchor on fat land. We have the right to testify because we knew trembling and awakening. Like ghosts, drunk with energy, we stick a trident in nonchalant flesh!"

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Born in Omsk in a family of sailors. Since childhood, he was engaged in various sports: swimming, football, tennis, received awards and categories. He graduated from the Omsk State Pedagogical University Faculty of Philosophy and Cultural Studies and the Omsk State Technical University Faculty of Management Systems. Despite the addiction to the humanities, the future artist had to work in technical specialties - "at a secret factory" or as a laborer. However, the craving for self-education saturated the inquiring mind with new ideas and discoveries, and at the age of 21 Ilya moved to Petersburg for more impressive earnings and self-realization, rented a one-room apartment, where over time grew his own the creative laboratory. The author began to try his hand at prose, then began to get involved in music and learn various instruments, he picked up a brush in 2016 ... During this time, he managed to change many specialties: sales manager, telecommunications specialist, legal assistant ... However, despite not a quick change of circumstances and the difficulties of living in a big city, Ilya does not lose heart, adhering to the rule: "let life go as it goes."

At 32 years old, she focuses primarily on spiritual pursuits and confidently declares: "I am an artist from the word "art", referring to the versatility and versatility of his creativity".

Ilya is interested in modern literature - published a collection of his own prose, "Lessons of Freedom," over the past 5 years, studied playing the piano, saxophone, flute, created his own musical group, "Psychedelic Band," and writes experimental albums. He enthusiastically draws, creating more and more complex detailed works, while he does not hide that he has a representation of art brut and outsider art, but in his works of art he reflects exclusively internal experiences inspired by fantasy, subjects of exoteric literature or existential prose of the 20th century.
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