One hour of full life

The eleventh release of our label is a pop-rock album from the one man band of the talented self-taught multi-instrumentalist and poet Ilya Salam. His friend Dmitry Desyatnikov, leader of the ska and reggae project Pora Abundance, took part in the recording of the album as a vocalist.

The music of One hour of full life is lyrical, sentimental in its own way, varied and rather inventive in terms of musical material, the melodies are memorable and charming. These songs would sound natural both in the rotation on the radio and performed by an amateur on an acoustic guitar.

Ilya claims that this music is a story in which the main character for a short time breaks out of everyday life and gets involved in adventures like in a novel by O.Henry "The complete life of John Hopkins" translated to russian as "One hour of full life". Creative activities, music creation is an important kind of such adventures available in our day-to-day live.

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Ilya Salam tells about his project:

"My name is Ilya, I have been making music for over 15 years. I learned to play various musical instruments by myself, wrote a bunch of songs, made a bunch of recordings in various styles from punk rock and alternatives to lyric songs with acoustic guitar and harmonica, which in the absence of the Internet I distributed as best I could by copying discs. I sold albums on the streets near art centers, distributed for free on punk gigs, distributed to friends. Many of these records are lost. Often, with each new album, I called my projects by different names, but in fact I was always the only one who played on the records, with few exceptions.
Time passed, there were periods when I could not make music at all due to the lack of instruments and even a computer, but other times came and I resumed my activity. My last work is called "One hour оf full life", in which my friend Dima took part as a vocalist. We once used to play in a pop-punk group, I am on drums, he is on bass. Dima has been making music since 2003, he is the founder of his own ska and reggae project Пора Изобилия (Pora Izobiliya, The Time of Abundance). Singing on the street is his main occupation and the source of income.

We recorded at home, unfortunately, we used VST drums on the recording, not like in the old days, but the guitar, bass and vocals are natural. To record vocals, I dragged my obsolete computer on a cart to Dima's house. This computer is now in the trash heap. I mixed the material myself, for such a DIY recording it seemed to work out well".

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