Сергей "СмотриНазвание" Иванов
Напряжённее линейного творчества — сверхформула

Sergey Ivanov's music is synth pop with some epxerimental and minimalism soul in it. Author calls it new age music and states that he is the one and only genius in the world. It is a perfect example of art brut, naive art in music though author prefers to call it "compact". Like some naive paintings this music is simple and oure.

Like prolific composer Josef Mathias Hauer Sergey suggests that he has thousands of composition which express in music his ideas of "superformulas". Though Sergey considers that the nature of all his music can be expressed in two superfolmulas. The titles of his comporistion is hard to translate — it's a combination of dates, sequences of music notes and russian words.

Sergey Ivanov was born in 1975. He suffers from paranoid schizophrenia and has official mental disability. He called his illness "the voice" and suggest that there are two important things: "the voice" and смотри_название. Смотри_название (almost improssible to translate it in English due to unobvious meaning even in Russian) is a sophisticated philosophical system by Sergey Ivanov.

Sergey states that "since there are no two options, a bivariate denomination is just a hobby. Unfortunately, Ivanov S.B. would do a lot of everything without a situation. In music, briefly: There are two linear notes. This is Russian super-Vangelis". His music, as author writes, "is based on criticism of the super-formula, since it is more intense than linear music - the super-formula."
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