Yuri Vinogradov
The mind weaves nets, who weaves rain?..

Eight piano ambient/electronic bagatelles by Moscow-based improviser, composer and multiinstrumentalist Yuri Vinogradov. These musical baubles are sound snapshots of experience and dynamics of different images of love as the condition and phenomenon that, in metaphoric sense, permeates all layers of creative labour. Creative artifacts like music, paintings are in some way the love that becomes the thing.

This album is dedicated to all people who deprived of their voices and the right to have their own face, the right to be themselves. In Russian psycho-neurological boarding houses (Психо-Неврологические Интернаты, ПНИ), caring houses for mentally disabled people, residents can't even have their photo published in media without the permission of the institution. They haven't own will, rights, voices. Yuri hopes that there will be more love and creativity from day to day even in Russia so such people will be able to take their voices and faces back.

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Yuri Vinogradov is a classically trained historian of philosophy and self-taught musician/composer/ improviser from Reutov, Russia. Yuri thinks that music isn't the object of sense only, but requires intellectual approach in both listening and composing. He is deeply interested in contemporary and classical music and composing techniques.

Yuri lives with serious chronical depressive disorder that deeply affects his life in many ways. For him music is the way to overcome depression, it's a space of joy and freedom.

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