Journey is an ambient/drone album by Alisa from Ufa, Russia. Music of a project varies from subtle and delicate to powerfull waves of sound matter. It's perfect background music — music for walking and dreaming.

Alisa lives with paranoid shizophrenia which was diagnosed in 2013. When he was depressed after sever psychotic episode she decided to create music. Though she never shared her early music she began to release own EPs and albums in 2019. She uses various virtual instruments and dreams about real analog synth like Korg Minilogue.

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Alisa, the composer of the Flowerbloom project, lives in Ufa, she is 21 years old, she has been making music since 2013. In 2013, she was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. During the depression following a psychotic episode, she decided to pursue music as a self-healing remedy for depression. Alice's early works remain in her personal archive, but since 2019 she has been publishing her fresh music as an ambient drone project Flowerbloom.
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