Ap kallu
This album by Estonian project Ap Kallu is a paradoxical mix of free jazz sound features and rave aesthetic. Each track is a narrative, story in sounds and rhythms, adventure of a sort — from evening to morning, from anticipations to results, from weakness to inner power. Music is made up of diverse and unexpected elements — yet it has integrity and consistency. The music evokes associations with Prodigy and other rave projects, which are overgrown with instrumental parts.

Ap Kallu is a project of Fedor Bezrukov. He is originally from St. Petersburg, from the age of seven he moved to live in Estonia. Currently he lives in Tartu. He was connected with music from the age of three, he studied for some time with a private piano teacher, after that studied the choir in elementary school. At the age of 14 he began to study guitar and bass, after a few years he began to play in groups and write his own music, both instrumental and electronic. He is currently working with his solo project Ap Kallu and also plays bass in sludge/post-metal band Fhtagn.

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