Юрий Ешeнков | Yuri Eshenkov
Саранск. 21 год
"Обитатель Мордора кислые скейтборды натуральные краски русские травки . Медитации локации диградации. В крации точка или просто Ю. Рисовал до начацаконла времен . Люблю вечность верю в бесконечность. В моих работах вы сможете не понять понятное и понять не понятное принять не приятное и увидить себя в зеркало перевернутое сосулькой в форме 4"

Yura is very mysterious and modest person. He lives with his parents and younger brothers in the same apartment. He often uses in his works children's toys, recycled materials, garbage ... Also anonymously he paints the walls of the decent city of Saransk with intricate and seemingly humorous messages. Lives by sorts of time -work: from fast ordered portraits to laborer force. Sometimes he participates with the artgroup "Periphery" in actionist`s performances, shoots prank videos, laughs at the bourgeois. His creative works sometimes take the walls of city galleries and even libraries, but according to the author, this happens by chance. It manifests itself through the flow of consciousness and automatism in creativity.

In his works, the artist expresses youthful immediacy, a pure creative beginning, not limited to any professional institutions and unions, canons and systems, codes and decodes seemingly absurd messages ...

"The inhabitant of Mordor is sour skateboards; natural paints Russian herbs. Meditation locations degradations. In short, a point or just Y. Drawn before the beginning of time. I love eternity, I believe in infinity. In my works you cannot understand understanding, to understand understandless , accept not pleasant and in the mirror inverted with an icicle in the shape of 4.

Your personality is made up of interactions with this world from the past, but why to be bored and talk about them while time goes on and your hair grows out of you. There is Mordovia. There is a city. Saransk. There is a boy. Yura. There is food. Music. The nature of the paint. Girls Fluariscent phosphoricide. Skateboard Wine. Mushrooms. Clothes. Genitalia. Colors flowers water sequins structure smudges lemons sprays hip-hop slush swill mud grey mass».

Двойная выставка искусства аутсайдеров «Другие измерения» (Казанская ярмарка и резиденция креативных индустрий Штаб, 2019) | Double exhibition of outsider art "Other Dimensions" (Kazan Fair and Residence of creative industries `Shtab`, 2019)

Выставка аутсайдерского искусства «ПодРамки» (Во весь голос, Санкт-Петербург, 2020) | Outsider Art Exhibition "PodRamki" ("UnderFrames") (Saint-Petersburg, 2020)

Выставка работ российских художников-аутсайдеров «Свободные²» (МИИ имени И. И. Машкова, Волгоград, 2021) | 2021 - Russian outsider art exhibition "Svobodnye²" ("Free²") (Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after Mashkov )

Выставка работ российских художников-аутсайдеров «Странное искусство» (Арт-Инженериум, 2021) | 2021 - "Strange art" Exhibition (Art-Engineerium, Kirov)